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Is there something about listening to Asa that just relaxes the mind and makes you feel at peace with yourself? Because I think there is something truly magical about her voice. I sit in my room, with the cool air biting at my fingertips; the light dim but a frosty fluorescent color sets the mood, and my fingers can’t help but dance to the melodious tunes that Asa belts out.


Lately, I’ve feel like God has been calling me to feel more. To actually feel life. To not just drift through my life as a mediocre person, but to feel each moment. To not spend it consumed with other people’s opinions; not spend it rushing  through things. And I feel like most people around me has fallen into the trap of not thinking for themselves.


Tonight, I watched a video in which SassyBlack aka Sope Delano, a media personality and blogger, decided to take a break from it all for 9 months. To me, that seemed crazy! How could she have worked so hard for something to just throw it all on the back burner and decide she wanted to focus on other things in the mean time? But, she did what she wanted to. She didn’t fear other people’s opinions, or wether her fans would leave her. And as I watched, I saw she seemed utterly and completely happy with the choice she had made.

And like Sope, I want to be happy with choices I’ve made/ will make for myself.


I don’t want to live an empty life scared to be my own true self because I constantly worry about what people think about me. I’ve noticed fear of other people hinders me when I write my poems, considering the audience sucks me dry of the very life I hope to establish in my writings. Constantly worrying about why I don’t get as many notes as others on my writing, or writing to be in line with popular belief robs me of my beautiful, multifaceted voice.


My voice wants to make known that I am every bit as imperfect as you are, but I am still perfect in my very own being. I laugh too loud. I talk too loud. I like to dance at random times in public, and I still desire to lay in the grass on a blanket reading Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie.

I listen to the same spoken word pieces over and over again, yearning to find my voice like these powerful souls who have managed to pour their feelings unto the canvas of life. I listen to these speeches over and over again because I have fallen in love with their truths, the way they lend me their voice for a moment.

I have taken days on end to read poems, and to establish my own thoughts about these poets without them simply being handed to me.  I have let other people’s creativity explore and search my inner being, bringing down my walls.

I have fallen deeply in love with my roots. I have watched videos and scoured the net for books on my Nigerian history. I have researched the history of my naturally curly hair, I have connected to myself more than I have tried to in all my years of living.

But most significantly, I have learned to tear down my walls.

 DSC_020 (1)

For the longest time, I could never actively engage people in the intricacies of my life. I was super closed off because…. I don’t know (to be honest). But lately, I’ve learned “It’s okay to not be okay, and it’s okay to let people know you are not okay”. And there are too many people in my life who ,unknowingly and knowingly, have forced me out of my comfort zone. Being outside of my comfort zone is risky, but I’ve found so much more love and fulfillment in it.





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This is my new way of blogging called free blogging where I write freely at moments in life I feel super inspired to share. I hope you like it!


Loves x kisses,





I have always believed in good style, and still do. Stepping into class in sweats is unfathomable for me, but if you do it’s okay. Here is how I took casual to modish, because life is my runway.

The oh-so-essential backpack needs as much space as it needs style. This VERY spacious and stylish one is from ALDO. You don’t have to compromise function for style!

A wallet. Make sure you always have your school ID ready to go with a wallet that can also hold your phone.   

These pants from ZARA are the perfect pair because they’re not too tight (like leggings) and not to baggy (like sweatpants). They’re made out of a type of material that stretches but also holds it’s shape. 
The leather detail, color blocking and clean paneling on this bag is amazing. The print on the inside of the  backpack is also quite phenomenal.

Shoes you can run around in are absolutely essential because if you’re like me you’re always rushing to class 😉 If your favorite boots aren’t very comfortable invest in furry socks that’ll keep the boots nice and soft!

Coffee. Because some days are just coffee days.

A watch. Instead of having to fish through your bag for your phone, you’ll have your watch sitting snuggly on your wrist waiting to tell the time.

An all black outfit looks very polished and doesn’t take a lot of thought. Make sure to mix up textures; like this ribbed sweater, plain pants and leather jacket I threw on when it was colder to add panache.


Shot by Endam.
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